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  1. Repair and Rewear

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    deatra vintage necklace repair_400px


    Often people will bring me their beloved jewellery that is either broken or not wearable anymore and I will repair or remake it. These are a few examples that I have good photos of. You can see the first two needed to be remade to restore the pieces to their former glory and the last was a complete redesign.

    Deatra's amber necklace had broken some years back, beads were missing and the large faceted stone was unfortunately broken at the top. I added a bail to cover the break which also made it easier to string back into the necklace. I added some darker amber beads to make up for the lost ones and recreated the pattern, finishing it off with a new sterling silver clasp to match the bail.

    Lee's metallic bracelet needed restringing and I had to adjust the pattern to copy the necklace as closely as possible as a few parts were missing. Although I had to change the pattern a little it was successful and still matches the necklace closely enough.

    The turquoise earrings in the last photo were just too heavy for Suzanne to wear but were beloved heirlooms. So by adding a few extra turquoise stones and silver nugget beads I made them into a lovely chunky bracelet for her. The turquoise lives on! I really love this bracelet and wanted to keep it myself :-) 

    Natasha x